Weird Universe Blog — December 15, 2018

Commercials from 1979

The concerns of forty years ago seem idyllic by comparison to the present.

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Category: Advertising | 1970s | Nostalgia

December 14, 2018

Trapped in grease vent

Weird news aficionados will be familiar with the phenomenon of would-be burglars trying to gain access to buildings by climbing down chimneys or vents, only to get stuck.

The latest example of this comes from Alameda County, California, where a man got trapped for two days in the grease vent of a vacant Chinese food restaurant. Rescuers arrived in response to reports of a faint voice calling for help.

On its Facebook page, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office has provided pics of the rescue.

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Category: Stupid Criminals

I’ve Never Wronged an Onion

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Category: Music | 1920s | Eyes and Vision

December 13, 2018

Drunken Walking

drunken walking is beginning to get the attention it merits. The problem appears so intractable that federal Department of Transportation officials have allocated $370,000 this year to study how and why this type of accident occurs.

Actually, although it sounds odd to study the problem of drunken walking, I wouldn't want to trivialize the problem. There was a case just recently here in San Diego of a young college student who decided the quickest way home from the bar was to walk across I-8. She didn't make it.

Tallahassee Democrat - Jan 1, 1994

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Category: Inebriation and Intoxicants | Weird Studies and Guides | 1990s

Stanisław Szukalski

Stanisław Szukalski was a painter and sculptor who also developed the pseudoscientific historical theory of Zermatism, positing that all human culture was derived from a post-deluge Easter Island and that mankind was locked in an eternal struggle with the Sons of the Yeti. He illustrated this theory in his works.

Article source.

Artist's homepage.

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Category: Art | Avant Garde | Outsider Art | War | Documentaries | Bohemians, Beatniks, Hippies and Slackers | Europe | Twentieth Century

December 12, 2018

Double-Back Shorts

Fashion brand R13 has introduced shorts that kind of look like two pairs of clothes have gotten stuck together in the dryer. Price: $565.

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Category: Fashion | Denim | Overpriced Merchandise

Russian Version of Mary Poppins

Why rush to a crowded theater and pay fifteen dollars to see the new MARY POPPINS, when you can sit at home and watch the Russian version for free?

Unfortunately, embedding not permitted, so you must make the far journey to YouTube.

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Category: Movies | Fantasy | 1980s | Russia

December 11, 2018

Miss Popcorn

A few of the holders of the "Miss Popcorn" title. It seems the title must have been discontinued after Miss Popcorn of 1952 generated a bit of bad press.

Chicago Tribune - Oct 21, 1950

Cincinnati Enquirer - Mar 11, 1951

Palm Beach Post - Nov 12, 1952

Windsor Star - Aug 6, 1953

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Category: Awards, Prizes, Competitions and Contests | Food | 1950s

Richard Teschner, Art and Puppets

Teschner segment starts at 1:50.

Lots more at this link. Then be sure to follow the two additional links at the bottom of the page.

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Category: Puppets and Automatons | Surrealism | Europe | Twentieth Century

December 10, 2018

$1000 Cooler

Another ridiculously overpriced item you had a chance to buy in 2018. Designer Alexander Wang collaborated with Magnum Ice Cream to produce this black-leather cooler. Yours for $995.00 (though now sold out).

Bella Hadid, who modeled the cooler, said: "I’m a strong believer in living life to the fullest... The Magnum x Alexander Wang cooler bag allows you to enjoy an indulgent moment wherever and whenever."

Yeah, but couldn't you do that just as well with a $10 cooler? And for an extra $5, you could even spray paint it black.

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Category: Overpriced Merchandise

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